United States Bombing of Libya Fails

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Global Issues, National Issues

The recent United States/French joint bombing of Libya was destined to fail before it even began. Regardless of the outcome, the bombing is surely to lead to unrest and further dissidence between the US and the East. NATO responded to the Libyan resistance’s demand to issue a no fly zone approximately three weeks too late. Gaddafi’s forces have been routing his opposition, with little NATO interference up until now. The issue with the United States getting involved now, is that with the resistance all but defeated, the heavy NATO involvement takes the fight out of the rebels hands. What the West cannot understand about the Middle East is that they do not want the United States meddling in their affairs. The rebels wanted to fight this war themselves, with minimal assistance from the West. By failing to heed to the rebels requests when they were issued and by acting now, NATO has the opportunity to handle the situation on their own terms and direct Libyan reconstruction. This is essentially yet another Iraq and Afghanistan. Regardless of whether or not Gaddafi is deposed, NATO cannot gain the favor of the opposition by taking such an active approach to this conflict.


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